5 definitions by Julie Groman

Characterized by pathological and indiscriminate sexual activity. (female) Satyrisis(male)
Julie went through all the male administrators at the State School and was caught in the act in the family visitation room.
by Julie Groman October 13, 2003
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1. A testicle
2. Pseudonym of a notorious sex addict
2. After she lost the second job because of having sexual intercourse at work, they started calling her Julie Gonad
by Julie Groman September 13, 2003
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an ignited fart with substantial methane content
" God dang! Jim Bob lit off another blue darter in the movie theater!"
by Julie Groman April 25, 2003
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In engineering, an enlarged section of a rod or pipe to retain it in a hole.
In biology. The inflation of the carpus cavernosum of a dogs penis during intercourse.
"Throw a dog knot around that shaft so it don't come loose."
by Julie Groman April 26, 2003
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A police groupie (from "uniform" and "bang{copulate}"
" I knew she was a unibanger when I saw her atop the policman on her desk"
by Julie Groman April 26, 2003
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