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Completely intoxicated and wasted. Not
able to comprehend. Feels the need to do unecessary things, like die their hair red. Loses ability to rhyme and tell time on a clock.
1. I am so snowed in!
2. Emily's hair is red now! She must have been snowed in when that happened yesterday.
3. Jules: " The cat in the.. scarf!"
Lauren: "You can't rhyme, you're snowed in."
4. Emily: "What time is it?"
Catherine: "Uh, uh, duhhhh. On a clock?
Emily: "That crazy CAT is totally snowed in!"
5. "Juan: " I am drunk off my mexican mind!"
Salvador: "Who knew there was snow in Mexico?"
by Juliann and Lauren (EG & CM) July 25, 2008
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