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when you try to expel a turd from your large colon by bearing down and pushing like a pregnant woman.
Doctor: If you keep straining while you are pinching a loaf, your colon will eventually exit your sphincter, and you will get a nasty hemmorhoid.
by Juan Epstein June 08, 2006

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a person who calls themsef a chef but is actually a fry cook at a cheap diner.
Emeril isn't a chef. He is a hashslinger at Denny's.
by Juan Epstein May 24, 2006

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another name for baloney.
check out Dale, he is eatign a horse cack sandwich. he must be out of money.
by Juan Epstein June 05, 2006

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Describes an event that has become, or gotten, way out of hand. Over the top. Something extreme.
I went to the doctor for a check-up, and received the full crackatoa instead (digital rectal exam)
by Juan Epstein May 15, 2006

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when a person who chews tobacco puts a dip in that is so large it looks like Forrest Gump's shrimp partner.
check out that redneck. he's got a kong dip.
by Juan Epstein May 22, 2006

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another name for flatulance.
3 year old girl: Daddy, i made an e-bubble.
daddy: go stand by your mom.
by juan epstein April 21, 2007

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occurs when you take a big dump. the turd is so long that the counter clockwise motion of the draining water makes the turd spin like a helicopter blade. usually results in leaving horizontal streaks in the bowl.
whoosh!!! check out that helicopter!!!must be doing at least 60 rpm.
by Juan Epstein June 05, 2006

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