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See also townie; a gownie is often an undergraduate student from oxbridge who often participates in a duel with a townie whereby getting the shit kicked into his or her head
Are you going to the city today? word has it that the Townies are gonna start on the Gownies again
by Jonny Church March 10, 2003
This game involves a group of boys surrounding a biscuit. The last boy who ejaculates over the biscuit must eat the whole biscuit cum and all.
Timmy lost the biscuit game last nite! that is why he looks a bit pale today
by Jonny Church June 3, 2003
A Shitty little Yachty town in Hampshire. All the Bars are over priced and there is only on divey jazz club. The Kabab Shop closes at 11pm and pikeys beat people up who are just trying to go home.
Lymington is a realy shit town to go to.
by Jonny Church November 6, 2003
A public school name for the art of writing the word Knob on a piece of school property or somebodies prep without them noticing, knobbing has been known to occur at Magdalen College School for boys and at Eton.
Jimmy Knobbed Mr. Nolls Pot Plants.
by Jonny Church March 10, 2003
The game in which a man and a woman play ping pong, the man with a paddle and the woman with her vagina which is used in the serve
God! laura aced me last night with a very "tight" shot
by Jonny Church June 3, 2003