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It is a black dinosaur that roams the earth today in search of its prey. Today, it is used along with the word shidiot to lower an individuals self esteem. It is not racist by any means. It just adds emphasis to an already demeaning term.
Why would i hang out with such a shidiot negrodonis.
Your a mother fucker negrodonis
by Jolly Lollipop December 20, 2009
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When something hits an all-time high only to crash and burn - this applies to stocks, alt-coins, people, and things
Ethereum at 4300 was peak fiat
by Jolly Lollipop July 12, 2021
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an xbox 360 noob, very bad, and thinks they are good but the only way they reached that rank were through a long time of playing.
Yo Bazinga Muffin, get your kills up
Get this bazinga muffin outta here, he's horrible.
by Jolly Lollipop June 14, 2011
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An arabic/muslim alcoholic beverage. Often mistaken with the brand name johnny walker black label.
Hey can you pass the blackalabel please, thanks bazinga muffin
I am the blackalabel, all you are bazinga muffins
by Jolly Lollipop June 15, 2011
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the closing to a lingering hangover. As your body is tired of throwing up the alcohol, it decides to poop it out instead.
Today i dropped my hangover poop and i felt normal after last nights party.
by Jolly Lollipop August 14, 2011
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