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The word "suspect" is meant to suggest that somone is believed to be below par. They are hiding something or are believed to have a serious character flaw which makes them undesirible as a friend or acqaintence. In some areas it is primarily used to describe a feminine man or a man who is not feminine but suspected of homosexuality or other sexual deviances. Most commonly used to denote suspected homosexual tendencies.
"Suspect" in the frame of hiding something

Man 1: Hey, you going to sign up for the comapny life insurance man?

Man 2: Nah, I am not sure yet. This application is suspect. Why do they need to know if you are a minority or not before they will grant you insurance??

"Suspect" in referring to homosexuality

Man 1: We are on our way to the party but our car is full, why don't you ride with Tommy.

Man 2: (Laughing) Hell naw, that nigga Tommy is suspect as hell. He might try to put grape jelly in my booty of some shit. I am riding with you guys. Make that fat girl ride with him.
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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Poop butt describes someone who tries to be cool but has some serious flaws showing that they are a square except that they don't seem to know it. Or a generally cool but sloppy disgusting person. Nothing is wrong with being a square but you should just be who you are. The Poop Butt's gestures and manner of dressing will most often tell that he isin't who you say you are. If you have a ketchup stain on your shirt while getting ready at home but you still decide to wear it to the school dance is Poop Butt-esque. To have some shoes that smell BAD and it was noticed in an awkward social situation that people will remember. When you are trying to date a hard-to-get very attractive woman and you try to woo her with your 1996 Toyota Camry, your job at wal mart with benefits and you were caught digging in your nose right out front of her office. That is the folly of a Poop Butt. Wearing new gymshoes but they have a big blop of chilli on the laces and you wear them as if none of the ladies at the local hangout you hope to score with are not going to notice or you sloppily wipe it off making a greasy mess across the top of your shoe. Lazy and sloppy people who ignore certain hygeine or social protocol but not in a small way. They do it as large as day and don't know that they look stupid. Or it could be a person who through sloppiness in mind and/or action shows that he is not cool or tough and always tells more about himself than people want to know.
Man 1: Hey, lets call Ronnie to hangout with us. He has that Toyota Camry we can all fit in there to go meet the girls.

Man 2: Hell naw! That Poop Butt *ss dude? He will drive the girls away or do these crazy dances to make them laugh but they are laughing AT him.. Not with him.

Man 1: Yeah you're right. Lets call Ray, he's cool.
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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A small bedroom town outside of Raliegh, North Carolina. It is a great place to be from, the keyword being from. Half the population has lived there for generations, the other half moved from elsewhere. The half that's lived there for generations are degenerate rednecks that spend their time cruising the Food Lion parking Lot in wanna be ricer cars. The other half, the intelligent portion, go to Raliegh for entertainment and work, they simply sleep in Creedmoor. It is still a relatively quiet town, with overpopulated schools, but beware the "Pink Shirt Gang" and "White Shirt Gang" which allegedly cause trouble in the community and schools.

Many of the students within the schools who are second+ generation students (the degenerate rednecks) are racist and hate black people but prefer to listen to rap, and where urban apparel. Many of the black students are either poser thugs, or black rednecks. There is a minimal hispanic population, most of which is illegal and works in the Tobacco fields.
They're all a bunch of Creedmoor -ons.
by Johnny Bravo April 25, 2005
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A baller was originally used to describe a Pro Basketball Player but how it refers to this context is what those playes do with thier money. They come back to thier old neighborhoods and spend thier money where they feel the most comfortable which is excess compared to the people who still live in the community. $10,000 bar bills in a local club, $5,000 shoes for a community dance $200,000 car in a neighborhood where the average value of a car is about $7,500 and the aveage age is 6-7 years old. There are men were formally poor but who have found ways to make large amounts of money $75,000yr or more but prefer to spend it among partying with the poor where they shine because of thier new found wealth than with the rich where they are shunned because of thier pedigree or color. A baller most accurately describes a man with money who likes to spend it. One who has accumulated wealth in a Roth IRA and shops at Wal-Mart for everything and is cheap when he goes out to party is not a baller. He may be wealthy but he is not a baller. A baller only applies to someone with a net income of $75,000yr or more and signs of his wealth are visible. Aston Martin Vanguish, brand new 7 series BMW, house worth more that $350,000 and he flaunts it (tastefully) among people who are not as fortunate and becomes a celebrity of sorts.
Woman: Hey baby, we can just take my car to the party. I don't think it will be a problem, will it?
Man: No baby, I am a baller. I have to represent (stay true to my reputation). We will take the silver Aston Martin.
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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Crunk is a word to describe unbridled energy and excitement. It is the southern US's answer to "off the hook". Off-the-hook can be applied to non-energetic situations relatively calm but enjoyable expierences but Crunk cannot. Crunk is an explosive, sweaty, pinnacle of emotion, performance or expierence.
Man 1: Which night club are you guys heading to tonight?

Man 2: There is this one place on Hibea Lane by the freeway that is CRUNK! We are going there tonight. People are spilling in the streets partying and the parking lot is even full of people dancing who couodn't get in the club. I saw one girl go topless as I drove past.
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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The word "Junt" is used in the midwest, primarily Detroit and Chicago which is the same as "Jawn" and "Joint" from Philly and New York respectively. It can be mistaken for "junk" by those lisgening who do not speak the vernacular but the sound and intent is "Junt".
Man 1: Hey what happen to that old car you had... It was the "junt" man!

Man 2: I had to get rid of that "junt" it was breaking down all of the time but I took the speaker out to put in my new "junt".
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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In this reference a Kilo would be 2.2 pounds worth of drugs which is one of the largest most used measurements when it comes to cocaine and marijuana. Most big dealers deal in multiple amount of kilos 20-40 a month. Medium dealers deal in 1-5 kilos a month and small dealers deal only in grams, some never to see a kilo of anything. A Kilo of cocoaine has a street worth of $18,000-$25,000 with a purchase price of $12,000-$15,000. A Kilo of Marijuana (or a brick because it is shrink-wrapped and vaccuum sealed for transport like Folgers coffee) has a street value of $2000. It can be purchased in bulk for about 60% of that value which is a fair price. Many dealers and middlemen involved in the life talk about "Kilo's" in the phonetically similar "key" and speak as locksmiths or keys as "car keys" you have to drop off to a customer.
Man 1: It's been nice talking to you but I have to go see a man about some keys (kilo's). I have my locksmith with me (trusted friend).
Man 2: (Understanding the metaphor but confusing the conversation in case they are being eavesdropped on) OK.. swing by when you finish. We'll put them keys on a ring when you get back. (Meaning we will divide and bag up the drugs when you return.)
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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