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Four equal parts of Johnnie Walker red, black, gold reserve, and platinum labels. The single most destructive force in the universe.
Nick: Yo Robby, make me a Johnnie Bomb!

Robby: It's your funeral.

Nick: Nah dude I'm good *drinks it and pukes on the floor*
by Johnnie Bomber June 10, 2014

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(n) a slang term created for Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. It is due in part to it's obvious and almost unmistakable resemblance in taste to cake and ice cream, but in whisky form. It is also one of the four key ingredients in a Johnnie Bomb.
Robby: Yo Nick try some of my Gold Label Reserve.

Nick: Ok. *takes a sip* That's gross it tastes too much like dessert to me.

Robby: It's Liquid Dessert.
by Johnnie Bomber June 10, 2014

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When a man is faded by a girl (i.e. gets rejected, friend zoned etc.) and then counters it by making the girl feel guilty that she rejected him. It is a difficult and sometimes impossible thing to pull off, but when it is used successfully many people will be in awe of you.
Krista: I want to go to the beach.
Eric: I'll go with you.
Krista: I don't want to go with you, Eric.
Eric: Are you saying that I'm not good enough to just go to the beach with? Fine I'll go alone, I don't need to go with you!

Sean: Yo Nick did you just hear Eric's crazy Counter-Fade?
by Johnnie Bomber June 10, 2014

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(N) a person that is or creates an atmosphere of buzzkill. A person who always stays sober at parties and tells everyone not to drink. The origin of the phrase most likely comes from switching the first two letters of the syllables in buzzkill to kuzzbill, then lengthening it to said phrase. This phrase is mostly used in the presence of the Cousin in order to not hurt his/her feelings.
Sean: Cousin Bill sure is bringing me down tonight, she won't even have a Johnnie Bomb!

Nick: Tell me about it. The Cousin keeps telling me to stop drinking, what a drag!
by Johnnie Bomber June 15, 2014

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