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Members of the Irish Traveling community with nothing better to do than steal hub caps off cars, wear tattered clothing or pointlessly beat businesses signs with sticks.
Popular knacker names include Francie and John-Joe.

Another meaning of the term "Knacker" can roughly be equated with the English term Ned, ie, a person who wears nothing but Nike, Adidas or Puma gear, stands on the corner of the local Mac Donalds all evening trying to intimadate young children who walk by.

Generaly however, all members of both Knacker sub-divisions display complete ignorance of all civilisied culture.
That fuckin knacker stole my car radio and hub caps.

Ya filthy dirty knacker...get away from my hub caps!
by John F January 27, 2004

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chillia is essentially a laid out summer word, to be used whilst chilling with your mates, drinking an ice cold bevvy and smoking some chiiiiiiiilia weed draw
"Wanna smoke some chiiiiiiiiiilia?"
by john f June 07, 2004

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