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everything, everyday, all the time.
I can't take this shit!!
by John the Baptist March 29, 2003

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Kudos, Congratulations, Way to go? FIrst place I heard it was on Andy of Mayberry.
You won the spelling bee, well good on ya.
by John the Baptist March 16, 2004

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The day 40 days before Good Friday in the Catholic/Christian Calendar. Marks the beginning of Lent.
I went to church on Ash Wednsday
by John the Baptist March 16, 2004

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The mass that Swamp Thing broke off of his crotch and gave to Heather Locklear(spelling?) in the movie that made her imagine that her and Swampy(in human form)were having hot sex.
"Yo bitch try this pickle and tell me what you think"
by John the Baptist April 17, 2003

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The state of being less ass than those around you.

To be worshiped and hated and envied and revered and coveted and loved and loathed by all.

To be greater than JTB and his donut box full of beer getting warm in the trunk of his car.
Bunziless makes me look like an ass. - JTB
by John The Baptist March 07, 2005

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Originally dirived from Mexico. To suck, or fail miserably. To be homosexual in a most provacative way.
Wow, you are even more queer then El Vagabundo.

You sure did pull a El Vagabundo on that one now didnt you.
by John The Baptist February 25, 2005

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A school characterized by roving gangs of PLO hate mobs, large breasted African swallows, hip hop dancing posers, white internationalist socialists, and gyrating hemp wearing hippies.
Look at that man.

No! He goes to SOAS!
by John the Baptist January 24, 2005

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