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artistic expression used to describe the latest flood of cookie cutter songs from every current-era female pop musician. Recognizable by the usual accompaniment of pianos or violins, these are the songs that are inducing the collective menstrual cycles of the radio free world. Although usually reserved for female musicians, the term can, in some instances, be applied to the critique of male musicians if the estrogen level is deemed beyond the “Seminal Trappings” term assigned to the same music.
Female: Recently, while watching VH1, I found myself really enjoying the Vaginal Moanings of Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift.
Male: Recently, while watching VH1, I found myself really enjoying the Vaginal Moanings of James Blunt.
by John Wesley February 7, 2008
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A condition where the more professional a person tries to sound on a two-way radio, the gayer it comes out.
Transmissional Homosexuality: Engine Company is on the scene
Dispatch: FABULOUS!!
by John Wesley February 10, 2008
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Economic theory that states lost wealth and missed financial opportunities will magically reappear at the end of ones career. Taken from Reaganomics where wealth trickles down from the top, zeke-onomics drizzles toward the rear.
1: "Sorry you didn't get that step raise ole chap, you'll make it up in the end."
2: "Thats some bullshit zeke-onomics"
by John Wesley February 11, 2008
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Farting in a vacant area and then walking deliberately past someone else or among a group of people dragging it along behind you.
I just gave B shift the worst Tokyo Waft ever
by John Wesley March 2, 2008
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Pootist Holy War. So extreme, no one shall be left standing at the end of such carnage.
Mike the devout Pootist Monk called for a Fartwa to be carried out by all his followers.
by John Wesley February 9, 2008
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The kind of joint somebody rolls when they are too cheap and stingy to roll a "fatty". So thin, the rolling paper makes up the bulk of said joint and resembles a mosquitos (skeeter) leg when finished.
Terry could roll twenty Skeeter Legs from the same bag of pot anybody else could get 5 from.
by John Wesley February 9, 2008
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A University of Alabama football fan (Roll Tide) known for their unique blend of retardedness and extreme obnoxiousness when it comes to pinning their adult hopes and dreams on teenage boys.
1. Hey man... did you see that awesome Alabama game?
2. You Roll Tard
1. But we wiped the field with them and won by like 3 points.
2. Still a Roll Tard.
by John Wesley September 10, 2008
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