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they are the best people in the world no question so f u townies

hi emily i am on urban dictionary from john-o stacy-o from thomas alleyne school stevenage!
sum1 who listens to metal
by John Stacy August 3, 2004
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a greebo or grebo is someone who doesnt think that they are the best just thinks they should do wot they want and not get shouted or kiked the shit out of for we dont do anything to any one so townies should get the picture and leave us alone.we might look threatening but most of us are generaly nice people.we listen to metal or punk and play instruments and actually have lives unlike townies who just hang around street corners taking the piss out of anyone that dont wear burberry and all that shite.
townie:wot up bitch he aint wearing burberry lets get him
greebo:what the fuk you doin man what i do?
townie:walking past and we are bored anyway
by John Stacy August 31, 2004
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If you have your middle finger up in pictures you are identified as a homosexual and get 0 bitches
Yo did you see Jack throw the middle finger up. No wonder he doesn’t get bitches.
by John Stacy March 20, 2022
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Glam/Goth Metal Band Based In Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Playing in the style of Murderdolls, FDQ, Motley Crue, Static-X Etc...
ZOMG Necrocide Rule Dude!
by John Stacy November 16, 2006
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