3 definitions by John R?

1. The theoretical study of numerous scientific, literary and music theories.
2. A popular university major in the Western World, due to it's simplistic (yet untrue) reputation.
Godel: Did you know that if you major in Metatheory, there is not a single book required to earn your degree?

Escher: True, but you have to think about buying textbooks the entire time.
by John R? June 07, 2011
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1. Almost done-ism is when you realize you've binge-watched most of a new (or new to you) show you enjoy and voluntarily start decreasing the number of episodes you're watching in order to prolong the story (and remaining episodes) for as long as possible.
2. Almost done-ism is the opposite of binge watching.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I wanted to watch "Better Call Saul" since I hadn't yet seen it. After viewing four seasons in five days, almost done-ism kicked in and I forced myself from that point on to only watch one episode every four or five days.
by John R? October 05, 2020
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When one watches an entire season of television in as little time as possible.
Thomas: Dave! You did not answer your phone or email all weekend! Are you okay?

Dave: Sorry, bro. I was superseasoning the third year of "Lost" all weekend.

Thomas: It could have been worse, I guess. You could have been superseasoning the final season.


"Breaking Bad" is not a series best enjoyed superseasoned.
by John R? December 31, 2011
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