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when a beautful female sits her luscious ass down on a male's face (sometimes on females too)...in femdom and sm practices. sometimes just for fun, but can also be part of breath control/suffocation play
Mistresses Damiana and Jezebel continuted to torture their slave. Damiana sat on the slave's face for a few minutes while they both whipped his cock and balls.
by John M. February 05, 2005

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when a female kicks (or punches) a male in the balls very hard...common in femdom/sm practices
she put all her force into it, and kicked me as hard as she could, and then laughed as i collapsed and passed out
by John M. February 05, 2005

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A poor driver. In California, this person is usually Asian.
Watch out! There's an accidental in that Lexus in the next lane.
by John M. July 21, 2003

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puffy nipples, as in nipples where the whole areola is 'puffy'. similar in construction to the words 'gunt' and 'kankles'
she had nice puffles.
by john m. November 10, 2003

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