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SMK-Suck My Kiss
a song by the Red Hot Chili peppers
Your Mouth Was Made To Suck My Kiss.
by John Fru September 5, 2003
a game made by the government 2 brainwash children and make them paranoid
dumbass-dude i bought the game polybius
jackass-awesum lets play
Game-die u bitches
by John Fru August 16, 2003
some one woh likes a band only for the wya they look so they say slipknot rules to get friends or to be cool...for example a person wears a famous persons clothes....avril lavign is a poser
avril lavign
by John Fru November 24, 2003
Soad means system of a down
daron malakian-guitar
john dolmayan-drums
serj tankian-singer
shavo odadjian-bass
band was famous in 1995
and released their first album in 1998
by John Fru August 16, 2003
commonly used my 1337 people
by John Fru November 24, 2003
the basssist of the "red hot chili peppers' his real name is michael balzary..he has a big gap between his 2 front teeth....sometimes play naked live...does the voice for donnie thornberrie in the wild thorberries
by John Fru November 24, 2003
a show about 2 people chris pontius and steve o playing around animals also being funny
Chris:lets take a closer look
animal:*bites chris's nose*
by John Fru November 24, 2003