114 definitions by John Doe

to tell an extreme lie, exagerated tale, or saying your going to do one thing and never do it.

to do the opposite as one is told

to make obscene jestures about ones friends
He told a Faulk to his best friend about getting spinners.

We told him to turn left, but he pulled a Faulk and went right

When I turned around he showed me his one finger Faulk. I flick him off back.
by John Doe October 28, 2004
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A wild beastly tennis player that wins by feasting on the strings of the opponents tennis racket.
Roger Federer it the biggest Federer i've eves seen. He ate my string, and my kids!
by John Doe July 14, 2004
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Northside Chicago graffiti writer down with the DSI and GOG crews.
I saw a Dekal tag today.
by John Doe April 13, 2005
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Another dangerously addictive song by the Romanian band 'O-zone', only this one is about a million times better than their extremely popular Dragostea Din Tei, A.K.A the Numa Numa Dance. A remix was also done of this song. The remix is also a million times better than Dragostea Din Tei.

This song is also sometimes known 'Ochii Tai'.
Guy 1: Bah, it's that stupid Romanian band again.
Guy 2: Yeah, but I don't recognize this one.
Guy 1: This must be that 'Despre Tine' song they sing.
Guy 2: Woah, it's a million times better than that Numa Numa one...
Guy 1: Yes... Dangerously... addictive... must... resist... urge... to sing... along...
Guy 2: *Singing* Mi inec in ochii tai! La la la la lei!
Guy 1: No!!!! It's corrupted you, just like Dragostea Din Tei!

Guy 3: Thankfully this would never happen, because without a stupid flash video to accompony the song, no one will listen to it.
by John Doe March 12, 2005
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Not quite the hood but still the wrong side of the tracks.
Ante you from thr west end, Naw I say over in Drex side
by John Doe November 14, 2003
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