5 definitions by John Beeler

Technically means WTF, but in a form nobody understands. In this way the speaker of dubsTF is both populist and elitist.
i made the mistake of catching up to the show. now i have to wait to watch it on a weekly basis. dubsTF.
by John Beeler October 16, 2005
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Adverb, adjective; to simplify. Best used in describing activities that shouldn't need explanation.
1. Tell it me oprah.
2. What is the oprah way to microwave this pizza?
by John Beeler September 21, 2006
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Once restricted to connotate comraderie between fellow Jews, now used more commonly in place of "dude" or "man."
by John Beeler November 16, 2003
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The lowest price, the best deal.
Hows about givin' me the lowlow on this video game?
by John Beeler November 10, 2003
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Expresses confusion, disbelief. Often accompanied by rubbing and clearing of eyes with both hands.
We're sending oil INTO Iraq!? Whaaa?!?
by John Beeler November 10, 2003
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