4 definitions by John B. Young

A condition where the optic nerves have attached themselves to the rectum. This results in a shitty outlook of the world around you.
Did you talk to Joe today? He didn't have one good thing to say. I think he's got a case of optharectitus.
by John B. Young May 7, 2007
(1) A theoretical product architecture, conjured up by the marketing department, that has no similiarity to any product(s) on the drawing board, nor in production.

(2) A company's reference a set of products obtained through acquisition, where no interoperation exists, but might be cobbled together to seem to implement the original intent.
We're being told the new marketecture will include all of our competitor's features.
by John B. Young May 7, 2007
A theoretical medical procedure, to sever the optic nerve from the rectum. (Used in jest, when a person has a pessimistic view of a situation)
Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were discussing Enron's current financial position: "If Andrew Fastow get's that optharectomy, he won't have such a crappy outlook on this quarter's financial results."
by John B. Young July 11, 2006
The grueling, boring act of documenting large software systems, when none of the knowledgable staff is willing to assist in providing content nor review, and management is unwilling to provide funding nor direction for those responsible for completing the task.
Now that the software product has completed the coding phase, we are now faced with documentia before shipping the product.
by John B. Young February 23, 2006