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Messianic Judaism is a modern syncretic religious movement that combines Christianity (most importantly, the belief that Jesus is the Jewish messiah) with elements of Judaism and Jewish tradition.
Becky: “hey Randy are you jewish or Christian”
Randy: “I’m Messianic, I believe in both the old testament and new testament.”
by John Abendana January 14, 2021
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A church very popular on youtube with over 100000 subscribers, they believe in both the Old and New testaments and revere the Holy Name of the Heavenly Father, Yahweh. They also proclaim the Son, Yahshua, a name meaning, “Yahweh is salvation.” They believe that both obedience to the Word and faith in the Messiah are critical. They look to our Savior for salvation, realizing that only through Him do we find redemption and forgiveness of sins. They also observe the seventh-day Sabbath along with the seven annual Feast days. They are located in Holts Summit, MO a city near the capital of Missouri. Where they do daily sabbath and livestreams for there youtube channel.
John: “Emma have you watched Yahweh’s restorations ministry on youtube.”
Emma: “yes I love there videos. Yahweh’s Restoration ministry teaches about the both testaments, and helps me understand the bible.”
by John Abendana January 14, 2021
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