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the ocurrence when sexual activity diminishes and eventually virtually ceases after the first stages of a lesbian relationship, and the couple become more like friends or companions.

Although it is a widespread myth that the "bed death" is mainly common amongst lesbians, is is not a trait exclusive to lesbian realtionships. On contrary it is common for sexual activity to decrease in all romantic relationships after the first stages.

The term was coined by sex resercher Pepper Schwartz.
Is the "lesbian bed death" a myth?
by Johanna Karlsson June 16, 2008
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the term used in the gay community for the presumed tendency lesbians have of quickly moving together after dating for a short period of time. See U-haul lesbian.
Although not unique to lesbian couples, this behavior is stereotypically attributed to lesbians.
The comedian Lea DeLaria joked:

Q: What does a lesbian bring on the second date?

A: A U-haul.
The U-haul joke symbolizes the lesbian urge to merge.
by Johanna Karlsson June 16, 2008
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