4 definitions by Joel G

The opposite of a smartphone. A phone that does not have an operating system on it such as windows mobile, Android, RIM, or Palm. A phone that does not have a lot of options such as camera, video, mp3 player.
My Blackberry is a good smartphone!
Ur phone is so lame its a dumbphone!
by Joel G March 05, 2010
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A short version of the word pussyboy.
Someone who is a pussy or a bitch.
Yo can lets chill and go out to the bar tonite man.
Naw yo i cant.
Wow ur such a Pboy!
by Joel G March 05, 2010
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The saliva that comes out of your mouth when you feel like you are about to throw up.

Something that tastes so juicy.
Oh my god I have mouthwater, uhhh.

Oh its so good it tastes like mouthwater.
by Joel G August 15, 2008
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Yo i can't believe it i got jayed by that girl last night.
Hey get jayed buddy!
by Joel G February 06, 2008
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