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A mexican operated restaurant that is slow.

The primary source of nutrition for those native of South Texas, i.e.: Corpus Christi, Texas.
I'm starving. Does anyone want to go to Whataburger with me?
by Joe May 30, 2004
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Random Nigga Shit
a"damn homie that nigga's shootin again"
b"yea dats some fucked up RNS rite here"
by JoE March 30, 2003
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I've always wondered what exactly it means - in context it's code that's been deliberatly broken or functionality removed from a program in order to sell a higher priced alternative or also used as a general description of code that no longer works (after patching or updating)
I think it's something like "Not Even Really Functioning Effectivly Disabled/Destroyed" or something similar
M$ W0rd 9's HTML is NERFED (in order to sell M$ Fr0ntp@ge)
by Joe June 25, 2004
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A a large group of little weak asians that are probably the most pussy-fyed of all major crime gangs. They carry mac-10s and other cheap ass guns because they can not fight. They often work at your local chinese diner or laundry mat.
If a crip/blood were to face a triad in a fight the crip would shred him to bits.

If a skinhead were to face a triad in a fight he would be slayed and served on a plate.

If a Mexican Mafia member were to fight a triad he would be beat to a pulp.
by Joe April 05, 2005
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the act of taking ones nose and rubbing it up and down the crack of another persons ass
Joe banana boated that mother hardcore
by joe December 10, 2003
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Word commonly used in the Vietnam war to describe a person whos eyes look asian, or slant. As in you could zip there face up. Also see gook which is another term to describe asians.
There are 3 billion zipper heads. 1.6 billion muslims, 700 million Africans, 350 million Europeans and people of Euro decent.
by Joe November 12, 2004
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The best man on earth
O gosh, I love you you are such a SHOTA!
by Joe October 01, 2003
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