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a character from the popular children's book, "Treasure Island". also a nickname for someone who wears their hair in a low pony-tail, held with a luxuriant red ribbon.
JOHN- look as that tink over there with the pony-tail johns!
TAM- I see him alrite! Pure Jim Hawkins style!
by Jim Hawkins November 15, 2006

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Neighbour is the name for an indvidual who is especially quirkey and extremely cool in the act of being uncool. You would call someone "Neighbour" if you admire their outspoken, couldnt-care-less attitude about their seperation from mainstream society. Can be employed as a device to gain the subjects attention, ie. calling out "Neighbour" in an almost sinister sing song voice.
JOHN-(upon seeing a likely candidate)-"NEIGHBOUR!!!!!!"
NEIGHBOUR-"hi there!"
by Jim Hawkins November 15, 2006

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This is what an individual or a group does to define themselves as a tink or tinks. If they are tinkering about ie. something which they think is cool- there are those (usually the minority) which think they are being...tinks!
Tinkering includes cliquey activities such as constructing a photo wall in the 6th year common room out of very tinkish photos (depicting certain poses, though done in the spirit of fun, usually behind each jokey pose there is an sicko who thinks they are being cool, and look rather darn good). Also School dances and other sick School related events (School trips, shows...) fall under the category of tinkering.
tinkering in the haystack, take it back to the bedroom.
by Jim Hawkins November 15, 2006

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