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2 definitions by Jills cuckold doug

A mature man with a cock smaller than a young boys - generally under 3" soft and 5" fully erect. Tiny cocks should never be allowed inside any woman's pussy unless she is totally wasted.
Jill husband doug's tiny cock (1 inch soft, 3.2 inch hard) is totally useless and unfuckable by any woman. As a level 3 cuckold doug - is NEVER PERMITTED inside her pussy OR any other woman. Jill requires him to wear women's panties as an unmistakeable message to anyone that his tiny little boy cock does not deserve to be in a real man's undies.
by Jills cuckold doug June 20, 2006
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Clit,the term Jill uses to refer to her cuckold husband's useless tiny cock. Just like a clit, his tiny dickette creates no panty bulge and is never confused with a real male penis.
Jill had her cuckold husband doug lower his trousers to show Jill's new boy friend Leyland doug's pink panties. Leyland laughed that he had never seen a smaller panty bulge and agreed that doug's tiny dick is smaller than a clit. He then showed doug what a real penis looks like and had him suck it hard before Leyland fucked doug's wife Jill.
by Jills cuckold doug June 21, 2006
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