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A liar who is beyond mordacious, not to mention conniving and manipulative.
"I love you, ALLYUH!!1" lies Jawnty.
by Jessica FAST! March 10, 2008
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Commonly thought of as a minor case of gonorrhea, but no, children, it is much more severe than that.

A "finlay" is a serious disease which could be correlated to chlamydia, but much worse. The symptoms of this disease are chronic stupidity, a prominent usage of 1337, and a slight case of complete confusion on one's gender.

Cause of "finlay" is the extreme love for jawnty, another extreme disease.

Preventions are to stay inside the boundaries of Canada and to GTFO the internets.
Jordan: So, uh, baby. Want to get some pizza later?
Co-worker at YMCA: Uh, gross. You got FINLAY!
Jordan: WTF! Only 'cause that slut Jessica gave me JAWNTY!

by Jessica FAST! November 18, 2007
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