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MRA means "Men's Rights Activist". No seriously. There are actually people who are so stupid they think that men are oppressed anywhere in the world. Just sit and think about the laughably small brain it takes to be an MRA.

While research on the feeding habits of MRAs is limited, feminists tend to speculate that they were fed paint in lieu of breast milk as a child. This would explain the intense mental retardation they have as adults.

Feminist scholars also have concluded that MRAs are actually crab people who intend to shove womin back into slavery (you might not notice too much of a difference), and then kill all the men and rule the earth themselves. It is thus suggested that you throw all MRAs on a grill and fry them to death. Do not eat them; the MRA carries many fatal illnesses such as stupid, herpes, and Feline AIDS (they are known to fuck their cats, just like New Agers!)
Tabitha: Fire up the grill; we got an MRA coming!
Jessica: Holy shit, would you look at the size of that ego! He must of drank a whole lot of chemicals as a baby!
by Jessica Murder-Your-Soul October 23, 2009

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Slack off hippies who don't even have the tits to actually stand for a cause. The believe that the best way to become one with the earth is to buy mass produced books, tapes, crystals, cloth, and other crap that probably were responsible for the death of at least one species of exotic tree and a few dozen monkeys.

They also like to be lazy "vegetarians", lazy activists, and generally holier-than-thou twats who hate any emotion that isn't about sprinkling flowers and love or fucking your cat.

New Agers like to live in pricey lofts that are especially equipped for white people, drink frappuccinos, and denounce anyone who actually cares about the environment as "extremists". They are usually pacifists, so they're great for the beginner gun enthusiast.
Beth: Holy shit, look at that New Ager!
Jessica: Yeah, I got that beauty a few nights ago. He kept screaming about me disrupting his "chi", so it was a little difficult to concentrate and aim properly.
by Jessica Murder-Your-Soul October 21, 2009

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