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Coined in the 1960s by Native Americans to describe hippies who wanted to be Indians. The Indians described them as being members of the Wannabe Tribe. Now used to describe people who wannabe another person or any of a variety of different types of people.
"That hippie thinks he's an Indian, he's a member of the Wannabe tribe."

"She's a Madonna wannabe."
by Jelly Roll Baker February 12, 2019
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Misspelling of kine bud, from the Hawaiian da kine, which see.

The Hawaiian expression "da kine" means "that kind." They use it all the time. "You got one more da kine Marlboro?" "You know da kine time?" Because they speak pigeon English. So basically, da kine bud means Hawaiian pot. Kine does not mean excellent in Hawaiian either, that's a myth.
"Hey haoli, you like buy bud? You smoke da kine?"

"Kind bud?"

"Da kine pakalolo, eh? I got one more da kine bud, you like buy da kine?"
by Jelly Roll Baker February 12, 2019
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Everybody in Russia says oy. Oy veh is Jewish and oy gevult is Jewish but the Jews got the oy part in Russia and took it with them.
by Jelly Roll Baker December 10, 2018
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Hawaiian for marijuana.
Hey hauli you like buy buds? You smoke da kine pakalolo? I got one more da kine bud, eh?
by Jelly Roll Baker September 1, 2022
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Short for Poon Tang, prostitute or vagina. From the French putain which means hooker, but pronounced poon tang in Viet Nam, the US soldiers brought this word back. Viet Nam used to be a colony of France and they use a lot of French words, often Asianized.
Poon Tang! One dollar lookey, two dollar touchy, three dollar do-y. Poon Tang Three Dolla and pack of Virginia Slim
by Jelly Roll Baker February 24, 2019
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