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A dialect of the Portuguese spoken in Portugal(European Portuguee). It can be compared to the difference between the English spoken in the United States and the English spoken in England.
The most obvious differnce between Brazilian and European Portuguese is the way words with "de" in them are pronounced. In Portugal "dia"(day) is pronounced as "DEE-ah" while in Brazil its pronounced as "JEE-ah".
These differences in pronounciation in Brazil arose from the influence of the Amazons Rivers many native tribes. Since in Portugal there obviosly weren't Amazonian Natives to influence European Portuguese only the dialect of Brazil altered over time.
There are three main branches of Portuguese: European(Portugal), African(Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, etc.), and Brazilian(Brazil). Of these three branches European and African are the most similar while Brazilian is the most dissimilar.
Good evening/Good night(English), Boa Noite(Portugese):
Pronounciation: bo-ah NOIT (European Portuguese)/ NOI-chee (Brazilian Portuguese).
by Jeff Portugal November 10, 2006
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