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1.Pikey.noun.to describe someone with traveller/gypsy blood.common insult.
2.Pikey.adj. used to describe someone who has a penchant for stealing/fraud/dishonesty.
3.Pikey.proper.noun. very popular name for offspring of a pikey.
4.Pikey .verb. the verb to pikey, as in to steal, or take soemthing without someone's express permission.
5.Pikey.adverb.to steal something in a pikey fashion.
NOTE: Pikey cannot be used as a conjunctive, connective or a pronoun.Derived from the word turnpike, to become an English colloquialism, used most commonly by teenagers in Wiltshire, renamed 'Pikeshire' and their peers.
The term pikey is NOT politically correct or in fact a word with any grammatical bearing to Standard English language.
Avoid use in social situations when people with large gold hoop earrings,caravan dwellers or generally dirty people are present, as this may cause offence leading to dog shit through your letterbox, caravans on your drive etc.
Taken from the Pikey Dictionary, copyright Jess & Andy Corporations.
1. 'Mate,you're a fucking pikey.'
2. 'You're a pikey bastard.'
3. ' Pikey, go rob that old lady,like the good pikey you are.' ( very confusing)
4. 'I'm just gonna pikey that caravan.'
(-ing) ' He keeps on pikeying my stuff, I'll kill the pikey twat.'
(-ed) 'He pikeyed my fags,stupid pikey.'
5.'He robbed it pikily, scavvy pikey.'
by Jay.Kiss February 14, 2007
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