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Cult claiming to be a division of the Boy Scouts of America. They specialize in luring innocent scouts into the woods and forcing them to take part in their dark, satanic rituals. Their chief is a strange man who wears a turtle around his neck, who calls himself "Allowat Sakima". Borat once attempted to make a documentary about this organization, and was captured and publically stripped of his glorious khrem. The Order of the arrow, or OA, is incredibly secretive, and will burn anybody who reveals their dark secrets at the stake, after disemboweling him, and before eating him and then pooping into another fire. I am screwed. The Order of the Arrow began as "the legion of the hooded falcon", but soon realized that it was too conspicuous, given their dark purposes, so they chose the next most phalic shape to name themselves after. In 2007, they were officially labeled a cult by the National Rifle Association. Currently, their largest gathering place is on an island in Sid Sichardson Scout Ranch in Bridgeport, Texas.
"RUN! IT'S THE ORDER OF THE ARROW (legion of the hooded falcon)!!!"
by Javier Bardem's Hair February 24, 2009

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