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Individualized Education Program

A written document that states the various methods special education teachers can use to make their students' lives miserable.

Examples of content found in an IEP include:

1. Student cannot eat lunch in the cafeteria
2. Student must be escorted between classes
3. Student must leave classes 5 minutes early (to avoid coming in contact with students)
4. Student cannot attend mainstream (regular ed.) classes
5. Teachers have the right to humiliate students
Results of IEP implementation:

1. I ate lunch in Mr. Eng****nd's classroom 98% of the school year.
2. Mrs. H**s walked with me between classes.
3. I had to leave class 5 minutes before the end of the school day.
4. I had Mr. Eng****nd for math and language arts.
5. Mr. H****y made me stand facing a locker and touch my nose against it.
by Jason F****ey January 23, 2007

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