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Fert is used throughout the Eccles borough of Salford in Greater Manchester, England to express a state of bemusement. Often said when the recipient expresses dialogue of an intellectual or undistinguishable nature or the user is confused about a situation, word/phrase or action presented by any form of media. Fert is said in a high-pitched voice with a definite purpose to ridicule its recipient/s. It is most commonly used by youths between the ages of 8 and 16 towards figureheads or those in authority.
Recipient: When you multiply a decimalised irrational number whose sequence is of three digits, by 1000 and then subtract the original irrationality from this number you are left with the irrationality in a fractional form of n/999 (n=new number)

User: Fert!
by Jamie O'Reilly June 29, 2006

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a chaboon is a 'choon' or basically a proper good song!
Heard the new Chemical Brothers song?

Yeah, it's a chaboon!
by Jamie O'Reilly October 25, 2007

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