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possibly the greatest band ever.
"underoath? possibly the greatest band ever!"
by james f August 12, 2005

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this band. sucks. it's that simple.

so shitty. almost as shitty as good charlotte. seriously, get a life? people? honestly? i can't take this guys voice. just please. stop listening to this music. please. please. they came here with avril and i'm so happy that i live far away from where they played cuz my friends could hear it and i pity their ears. i want to die when i hear them they suck the fuck


perfect. is a good song. as much as it hurts to admit it. it's a good song.
"simple plan can suck on a fuck and go eat shit."

"yeah dude. except for that perfect song."

"yeah man, that's not too bad."

"but they still gotta go get laid."
by james f August 12, 2005

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Okay, now I'm not going to totally call Chris a total pussy here, but here's the deal with Dashboard. They aren't emo. As much as you'd like to think so, they just aren't. Hands Down is a fucking amazing song, so is Age Six Racer. Chris Carabba (or however you spell his last name) is talented, and I do enjoy a little Dashboard once in a while. I also think that he's writing from the heart and it's some good stuff. Emo?

He. Destroyed. Emo.

He took emo music and made it mainstream. He's all over TRL. He's on t-shirts (and not cool ones, like the one's with Bert McKraken from The Used, that say "Berty is my Homeboy" and he looks like Jesus).

And he cried during a song. That's too much. I mean, seriously? That's pathetic. Now, I cry too, I can be emo once in a while, but onstage, in front of like three thousand people? No. And he stopped the song too, didn't he? Man, that's bull. Kids don't want to see that. Kids want you to finish the damn song.

Now, please, do not flame me. Dashboard Confessional, by all means, is a good band. Definitely not "the best emo band ever", because Taking Back Sunday takes them, rapes them up the ass and runs over them with an 18-wheeler. Carabba is a good singer and a good guitarist and a good composer. Does he make emo music? No. Does he write thoughtful lyrics? If they make sense to you, then by all means, yes. Do they make sense to me? Sometimes, but usually I think it's crap.

Honestly, let's just categorize music into "rock". So Taking Back is "rock" and so is Dashboard. However, Taking Back Sunday is "good rock" and Dashboard Confessional is "not-so-good rock". Of course, their shittiness has NOTHING on Simple Plan. But that's another entry.

Plus, Chris waxes his eyebrows?
dude1: "so i LOOOOOVE dashboard confessional like so much!"

dude2: "taking back sunday will rape them up his waxed eyebrowed anushole and murder them with an emo knife"
by james f August 12, 2005

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