10 definitions by James Bond!

An alien in Chappelle's Show, more precisely the one in the skit on Deep Impact. The President escapes Earth's doom on Bivvle's ship.
And it was Bivvle, fa shizzle, and all about Bivvle.
by James Bond! September 08, 2004
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Tater is a backwoods, hillbilly way of saying Potato, as in the vegetable.
Pass dem taters, Clem!
by James Bond! December 16, 2004
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A sweet game for Xbox that about 99% of the population insists is "overrated" and "not worth the money", merely because they themselves most likely can't buy it, don't own an Xbox, or just can't play the game worth shit, so they resort to bashing it.
I creamed Josh on LAN while playing Halo yesterday...cause I rock.
by James Bond! September 09, 2004
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