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European English is the main language of Europe. European English is derived from American English, the native official language of the United State America.

European English takes the comparatively simplistic spellings of American English words and makes them much fucking harder to spell by adding unnecessary letters, in line with Europe's tradition of complicating things.
Common examples of the differences between American English(Correct form: Real English) and European English:

Color -> Colour
Airplane -> Aeroplane
Mustache -> Moustache
Aluminum -> Aluminium
Fiber -> Fibre
Organize -> Organise
by James Xuan July 29, 2009
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When a twitter user has a one-way conversation with a celebrity so that to the users followers, it seems like they are talking to a celebrity and thus are instantly über-cool in the eyes of their followers, when in fact they are a loser with nothing better to do than have a fake conversation with themselves.

Similar to name dropping IRL, but even more annoying and even less likely to be true.
Tweet-Dropper: @BritneySpears How did the barbecue go? I heard Justin Timberlake was there too >.< awkward?

Tweet-Dropper (A few minutes later, without a reply from Britney): @BritneySpears Haha yes, I suppose after a while it got pretty normal for both of you, you must go to loads of the same things!

Tweet-Dropper (Again few minutes later, still without any replies from Britney): Yeah, it's been great! How do you squeeze so much into 140 chars lol? =P

Tweet-Dropper's Follower: Wow, this guy I'm following is having a conversation with THE Britney Spears!

Tweet-Dropper (To self): They are totally falling for my Tweet-Dropping!
by James Xuan April 22, 2009
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