4 definitions by James Vowles

Popular phrase used by fan-favourite F1 journalist Sam Collins in F1 Tech Talk when describing vortex-generating

aerodynamic parts, especially on the floor of the car that, well, look stick and uppy.
On the new Barcelona-spec update we can see those sticky-uppy-bits directing the airflow around the rear tyres.
by James Vowles May 21, 2021
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A stop in the pit lane to get tyres changed, refuel, change drivers or get repairs done on the race car.
Ferrari had a slow pit stop, the car was stationäre for 4.5 seconds.
by James Vowles May 21, 2021
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Car #919 is low on fuel and will be pitting this lap
by James Vowles May 21, 2021
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A strategic move in racing to get past the car in front without actually overtaking it on track. The car behind will pit earlier, do a quick lap on fresh tyres and come out in front once the other car has pitted.
Commentator: 'Red Bull are pitting this lap, they might be trying to get the undercut on the Mercedes.'
by James Vowles May 13, 2021
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