2 definitions by James Robertstein

The funniest, most laid back dude out there. He can make you smile when your at your worst, and get you wet real quick. He's the literal embodiment of the sexiest man alive.
Julia: Tris seems so perfect
Hannah: I know, he's hot asf, I just want Him to bang the shit out of me.
by James Robertstein September 23, 2020
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The classiest most handsome guy you will ever meet. When you talk to him, you get lost in his gorgeous eyes and he’s everyone’s crush. He’s a little shy but once you get to know him he’s super funny and outgoing. He’s talented and smart and the girls secretly all adore the heck out of him. He’s humble and respectful And can sometimes com off as aloof or boring, but in reality, once you get to know him he’s truly the best.
“Have you met Tristram, he’s the cutest guy”
“I know, i couldn’t take my eyes off of him”
by James Robertstein March 30, 2019
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