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Played plane fearing, milk drinking, ass kicking BA Baracus in the A Team.
Pitied fools and tried to present a good role model to chilren at the same time.
Produced the world's best motivational video, which everyone should live their lives by, includes sections on how to recoup after doing something absoludicrous and what to do if your friends find alcohol and cigarettes in a bin, get instantly high and offer some to you (peer pressure).
Owner of huge amounts of jewellery.
"Mr T knows how to treat his mother right and he was in the A-Team, that makes him a god."
by James Haskin March 05, 2006

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Grimmer than grim, the most grim stuff known to man.
Also a cyber grindcore band and a word to describe the smell of school.
"That is so grim it's grimme."
"Nasty, this place smells like grimme."
by James Haskin March 05, 2006

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