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4 definitions by Jake Sha.

To get out of somewhere quickly, as in 'get the hell out of dodge'. A verb - it is derived from the flute which was popularized in Mario Brothers 3, in which you could utilize a flute to quickly move from one world to another.
"That sheepskin better mario flute out of here before we make his day."
by Jake Sha. October 14, 2006
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A guy who makes passes at a girl who is already involved with another guy. Frequently using terms like "Weren't you in my Biology class?" - or "Weren't you in Mrs. Jones' Third Grade?". The name comes from the frequent donning of a Sheepskin jacket during the 'pass' phase. Many bold sheepskins will make passes at chicks who are with their boyfriends. Main habitat are local malls.
"Dude, look at that sheepskin trying to make a pass at your girlfriend."
by Jake Sha. January 28, 2006
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A genus in the philum of sheepskin. It is a particular sheepskin who feels that it is necessary to wear either gold teeth (hence the name), or significant jewelry where it is unnecessary. Main habitat are local malls and in the 'Fleecing Season' ... - significant numbers will congregate at bus stops, because they do not own automobiles. Obviously.
"That tacky ass golden fleece just attacked your girlfriend, man."
by Jake Sha. February 8, 2006
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An individual who thinks that he or she "runs" a bus stop. In that they will continually stare down all vehicles which pass by - in anger over their apprent car-less status. They also jockey for "first place" position in the line to get onto the bus. Bus stop dons also tend to have had a history riding both public transit and the unusual Greyhound.
"'ey man, check out that bus stop don staring you down."
by Jake Sha. October 14, 2006
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