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A stage in life where everything is shitty. Two or more guys coming together and becoming bros through the experience. This stage lasts for a little bit, then becomes a fond memory between bros.
Michael and Ben's first week and a half at college, they were shitrags.
by Jackie Nol October 27, 2010

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When someone inhales massive quantities of MU losses. They lose control of all bowels and make incredible doodies in their pants. It is common in most Missouri inbred households.
Jack is not inbred, but got on dat Diazinon
by Jackie Nol March 02, 2009

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Athlete's foot of the ass.
I sat down in the handicapped shower stall and got steamybutt.
by Jackie Nol December 01, 2010

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Shortened for "Hello you spit fuck, get your ass over here and let me beat your ass until the skin flaps off." Or also could be short for "Hello, get your bitch ass, punk ass, bitch made face out of here and get the coke I supplied you with, Mutha Fucka."
Hey Carlito, I'll kill you if you don't get the stuff back by midnight.
by Jackie Nol April 28, 2010

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