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id just like to say that private schools arent for the snobby, rich fucked up retards that seems to be the image that some people portray. most private school kids get to that school by working extremely hard. they go through the same experiences as other kids. they get bullied, they get into fights, and they get into trouble. lots of the families give up luxuries like holidays in order to pay for the school fees. I admit there are some private school kids who are complete nerds and rejects who spend every waking minute of their free time reading or doing homework, but they make up a very small minority of the school. i myself whent to a state primary school and a private secondairy school and i can say there is very little difference. i have friends from state and private schools and they are all perfectly normal. so all those sterio types who go on about private kids having every thing set up for them and dont have to work a they in their life you are wrong close minded bad people who should try a little empathy in their lives.
hey there's my mate from the private school down the road.
by Jack : ) June 16, 2007

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