36 definitions by Jack De

When someone wants to call someone else a 'dick' but their crappy Pakistani accent makes them sound like 'Dek!'
Guy 1: You're Such a Dek!.... I mean,...
Guy 2: Ha Ha, you're Pakistani
by Jack De August 31, 2008
The act of doing something purely because you can, or doing something that is of no benefit- maybe even a hinderance to the lives of others.
Guy 1: What idiot threw those shoes on the wire?
Guy 2: That's Shoe on a wire!!
Guy 1: Why would he do that?
Guy 2: I said, he loves doing something purely because he can!
Guy 1: oh!!!
by Jack De August 14, 2008
The new fragrance for men. People who wear this cologne are known for their perfectly sculpted mullets which they spend two and a half hours on every morning.
Guy 1: Wow! You smell nice!
Guy 2: It is my new fragrance for men- Poofterbogan.
Guy 1: I also like your mullet.
by Jack De April 13, 2008
-Phantom Turd
When you go do the bathroom to do a number 2, and when you think you've done it.... but there is nothing floating in the water.

A synonym of this word can be Poodini.
He went to the bathroom and did a Phanturd.
by Jack De August 31, 2008
Some one who is named Fred and puts a 'K' in front of his name to give himself the idea of individuality. Ha Ha Ha.
Guy 1: Yo, I'm K- Fred!
Guy 2: Hi, .... Fred
by Jack De August 28, 2008
A man, woman or thing that has balls for a chin.
-Look at an image of Peter Griffin and his chin, he is a ballchinnian!
by Jack De April 13, 2008
A hired service upon where someone has an incredible fly/ flying insect problem. These people are of course too lazy and hire a SWAT Team to remove the local infestation from the confines of their own home.
Guy 1: OMG! We have a fly problem!
Girl 1: Of course, weeee're tooo lazy, so let's hire a SWAT Team
by Jack De August 9, 2008