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Spanish, particularly used when Mexicans are speaking Spanish among themselves to the exclusion of non-Spanish speaking persons present. Usually used to describe annoyance at Mexican fast food workers taking orders in English, but then jabbering in Spanish among themselves
I hate when fast food employees spicspeak after you place an order.
by J. Johnson July 09, 2004

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a state, usually Mississippi or Louisiana, that has the properties of some third world country. This word was first used by Stacey "Scary" Denny.
True life example: My tap water has been brown for over a year due to iron, this is a third world state.
by J. Johnson June 30, 2004

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A person who does not understand liberal politics but believes that being radically liberal is hip. Typically, moonstoners write nonsensical messages that appear to sound cool. Originates from message board poster "Mother Moonstone", who would paste ultraleft materials on message boards and, when posting on her own, would post misspelled, nonsensical phrases that would sound cool to the uninitiated.
Robert Plant moonstoned it when he wrote the lyrics to Stairway To Heaven; he did not know what the lyrics meant but knew that the moonstoners would try to ascribe some deep and sensitive meaning to them.
by J. Johnson June 30, 2004

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Used to signify an interruption that must be made immediately because a delay would make the interruption unnecessary; a blend of location and interruption. Locarrupt is usually said by persons in a car who need to immediately interrupt the conversation in order to point out something that will otherwise pass by before the next break in the conversation.
"Locarrupt ... look at that hot girl walking down that street"

"Locarrupt ... quick, look how low that damn airplane is flying"
by J. Johnson June 30, 2004

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to look at someone with a dirty look; common term in 1990s Detroit, Michigan.
"I was walking down the street, and some girl was grimming me like she had some kind of attitude or something."
by J. Johnson February 27, 2004

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