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It is the feeling of relief, happiness, sadness and remorse that one experiences when their character in Fire Pro knocks or is knocked unconscious

Similarly to having sex on alot of alcohol and not knowing exactly when you will ejaculate, but when you do...
** 8 minutes into match, Hogan Vs Taker **
Kurt: Oh man, I've done my finisher on you over 20 times
Chad: I know man, I'm close to 15 times now and you still won't die, bleeding like fuck though
** 20 minutes pass **
Kurt: Ohhh, the 30th leg drop and CRI... Oh damnit!
Chad: Haha, my hands ache using the RE controller
** another 20 minutes pass **
Chad: OK, this one and, ah shit, still didn't work!
Kurt: Leg drop whilst you're down and oh CRITICAL!
Chad: Bastard! Don't even think about picking me up... Beer and smoke?
by J R Hartley March 26, 2008

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