5 definitions by Ivan P Spongenuts

To have a massive nose and a mobile phone linked to the echelon 2000 (see definition). A Snotbot has a liking for transformers and a cold, mechanical nature for harassing women over a prolonged period of time (normally by SMS).
"You look good in that dress" (Text sent to your sister)
by Ivan P Spongenuts April 3, 2005
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A SMS message that contains sexually charged content from women that are pretending to be attracted to you. The message may aim to make a 'date' with you.
When you get a sexy text you will feel a short period of 'feel good' factor followed by months of self loathing and doubting the existence of “any good women”. You will not score a date.
by Ivan P Spongenuts April 3, 2005
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The Echelon 2000 was designed by AG to keep a constant flow of “Sexy text” (See Definition) to females of AG's choice. The system is automated and utilises AG's mobile phone address book to constantly 'poll' a list of phone numbers with sms messages. The system is set-up to favour AG's friends sisters and has the ability to 'hack' their mobiles if extra information about them is needed.
Scenario: Someone's sister has has split with their boyfriend

Result: Mobile phone will be sent a extra 10 messages per week in the hope of scoring.
by Ivan P Spongenuts April 3, 2005
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To provoke and annoy anybody around you when your drunk, then to claim you not being annoying but to keep going on about it, making them self even more annoying.
A Cutlack normally has a beard and a very messy hair style that is balding
V.early morning time, people around you very drunk and at the state where you want to be left alone, a Cutlack lack will then start drilling you in the ribs with his hands (what a cock!)
by Ivan P Spongenuts April 3, 2005
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like the lynx effect but a thousand times stronger. One problem you don't score, or at worst mucked around to the point of heart brake.
(helps if you look like a Danish porn star)
girl of dreams pisses of to France then scores. This leading to big trough in the mental mood sine wave
by Ivan P Spongenuts April 3, 2005
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