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The best drug in the world. It literally feels like your having a toe-curling orgasm for 8 hours. Its not like a high from weed or anything. Its like amazing. Honestly, my body cant handle drugs well and I did it last night and It was pefect. I wouldnt suggest smoking weed while rolling, you cant feel the roll until the weed high is gone.. The only bad side is this morning my stomach feels weird, and its like burning. And I feel kinda depressed, but i'm not sure. Its just the best thing ever. Make sure your around people you love, you'll want to converse the whole night.
Dude, last night I took ecstacy and I swear to god, I told my deepest secrets, and had so many talks. That the most stories I've ever heard in my life. I told everyone I loved them 76 times.
by Isyourollin? May 02, 2009

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