2 definitions by Indian ~ Busted Forever

Joe: I wonder what Harry is up to these days.
Tom: He's a cannaddict, he sits on his couch all day watching Netflix.
by Indian ~ Busted Forever December 10, 2019
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A term used when:
- Responding to an uncomfortable comment
- You have been roasted
- Luke speaks to you
- Your drug dealer only has Ami in stock
- When you can't think of anything to say

The term was coined by the infamous indie gang known as Busted Forever and has inspired of the creation of the famous strain of weed known as OG Kush
Adam: Let's do some of that weed ay
Jack: Shall I roll the joints?
Adam: No, today we use the bong!
Jack: Oh Gee
by Indian ~ Busted Forever March 17, 2016
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