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A super sexy boy with an amazing personality. He has many different talents and he lives on making people smile. Many girls drool over him but hes not a player. He lifts every ones spirits and every one adores him for it. Hes cool with the guys and hes just amazing
Omg look at Quade over there hes so sexy!!!
by Ilovejbiebs<3 January 28, 2011
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A jam is another name for party or event. It typically describes a group or 7-8 year olds celebrating a birthday party. It includes pizza, fruit punch and a pinata. It is often mistaken as a house party including alcohol and drugs by stupid faggots that think they are cool. So for all of you teens that think having a party thats pretty much illegal is a jam, then you are dumb. It is a time for rated G fun, not unrated illegal fun
Tom: Yo brah you here about Macy's jam on Friday?
Alan: Yea dawg its going to be so live man
Tom: I know I'm going to get so stoned!
Alan: Me too.

Josh: you guys are dumb it is called a house party not a jam. Jams are for little kids....
by ilovejbiebs<3 May 08, 2011
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