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A defunct Wordpress blog from an arrested criminal that was a class of 1994, at Glenbard East who ran into classmate who eventually wrote the true crime yarn, The Cabbie Homicide -- as this one is a chronicled big name fan of the jam band Phish. Noted everyone else knows they are less than talented as they replaced The Grateful Dead in the 1990s. Their fanbase are known as phans as they also follow the act infamous for dumping 800 pounds of turdage on unsuspecting tourists.

Known as a guilty by association in the Something Awful plagiarism incident that the goon got caught doing as the subject of "Pastor's Spouse" was also freight-trained for also covering up for it.
The light blue blog in 2014 had an investigative report of a classmate blogger behind the wordpress presence of The Sloping Companion as he later found that some were bitching about his fraud practices around the same time this came up. The wife at the time came and revealed that he knocked her up when she was just eighteen as he was a borderline pedophile -- he tried to sue the author of An Eye In Shadows for ten large, as this one threatened to cannibalize him like a Portillo's Hot Dog, in another blog entry the author took a barb implying if he wants to enjoy the taste of human meat, hands him a cleaver, suggests him to cut off his own limbs and cook them up in the back.
by Illinoishorrorman February 13, 2018
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A facebook page of a 1611 Speak Fundie that buys into the Flood Geology and pushes the academia from those who went to Pensacola Bible College as academic insight. He was caught slandering Bloodgood in facebook chat with The Cabbie Homicide writer and The Ethereal Gazette publisher. Noted for peddling his group -- GENESIS: Origin of Truth as he sees the Genesis creation narrative as literal as it's supposed to be seen as allegory. He's a noted Young Earth Creationist in the vein of Fucking Cartoon and Uneducated Huskster. He is a member of the group, Kent Hovind: the Man, the Ministry, and the Message.
Since the wordpress blog known as the light blue blog in 2014, did "King James Only Examined" a sub-sect of the Fundie website Creation Liberty Evangelism and the follower of that group, The Fundamentalist Fundie who is a King James Only meme based cybervangelist who pushes a true willful ignorance.

Noted for starting a public fight with An Eye In Shadows author and trying to parrot, James 3:8 at him as he pulled "Your timing really sucks donkey dick" as he yanked out a photograph giving the highway salute. The insufferable asshole is known to have more than one facebook account with the same name. As revealed he is active with several groups such as Independent Fundamental Baptist KJB Bible Believers.
by Illinoishorrorman February 15, 2018
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Five year memoir of the publisher and author behind the true crime outing The Cabbie Homicide, a darker glimpse at how he was bullied and seen misinformation used as an act of bullying. One of his then future contributors who got picked up by Black Sheets Books coined this book his version of The Chocolate War as his namesake anthologies were a direct result.

The book is now with TheBookPatch as it appeared in one form on Lulu.com, Fandom_Wank tried to coin the book glorified fanfiction but he was using horror allegory borrowed from Are You Afraid Of The Dark and played up some of his biting humor from The Fandom Writer. The book was the equal to what Forbes did when they took down fabulist Stephen Glass, as the author seen the film and found the articles -- mindset was doing the same thing on the Fandom_Wank blog to the author. He proved he could be a little funny but was handling subject matter that crossed the line twice as he related some of the crime that unfolded as Chicago Tribune reported on it in the era (one of the jokes he implied to the bully that he gave anal to his own mother.) It's noted for a macabre version of The Aristrocrats joke. Some noted for it's investigative commentary on the true crime pieces from the period as he deconstructed the events of his original creative nonfiction outing along with pundit traits.
Fandom_Wank: remember that psycho who went at us?
other blogger: The fucker who plagiarized Poe?
Fandom_Wank: Shit -- he took one of us out in print!
mindset: which one of us?
Fandom_Wank: He took direct aim at you. Pointing out how you bore false witness. Even went and published your name in the thing and was pulling a Rod Serling on you as he picked you apart without being Anti-Semitic.

The Rusty Nail: An Eye In Shadows -- I am going to post the entire thing on my blog chronicling his every fail.

Comments from The Other Dark Place: Let's put all these comments together and assemble a counter book to this book he's writing.
by Illinoishorrorman February 12, 2018
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When you nail a fictional author who wrote with high fantasy tropes and gets celebrated but the one who gets shunned gets pissed on for writing something much harder in the same era. It's the thing that would invoke a flamewar. Kealan Patrick Burke and Christine Morgan had been the subject of the journalistic kapow, the more hardcore term is getting freight-trained.
Author Kealan Patrick Burke flies off the handle when he was delivered a journalistic kapow from an author who appeared on a defunct e-zine he also appeared on two years later. A known fanfiction.net writer of 100 fanfics celebrates him. While the author who gets urinated on wrote a true crime piece that played up like The Tell-Tale Heart with stronger language as it was introduced on AuthorsDen, ThoughtCafe and FictionPress a year later. "Why don't you ask Bram the Talking Wonder Dog about The Cabbie Homicide."
by Illinoishorrorman February 10, 2018
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A horror story on FictionPress and was on the e-zine The House of Pain, it's a slash fanfiction writer's nightmare as the author who wrote it took a very hard swipe at those who lift copyrighted properties and rule34 them. Fandom Weirdness addresses real person fiction as he does the form at his own expense as he treats the style like writing creative nonfiction. The story was a forerunner to creepypasta as it's one that it was a little more toned down from his true crime outing as he kept the swearing to a minimum in the first introduction. The writers who found it on The House of Pain noticed it came from an angle that was very much unexplored for a writer yet to be published in print as it sparked controversial responses. It's coined House of Pain's most controversial dark horse. The LGBT community are the ones who want to spear him the most as comments suggesting he needs to be the bottom of anal with no Vaseline.

Slash writers would pull the snacky's law retort as they would bully the author first when they would try to make fandoms from his original content. It's noted for the quote from R. L. Stine. He also introduced the Chick Tracts to the horror lexicon as he when he was 18 had passed them out until he enrolled in college and examined the movement with his blog where he at great length pointed out their fallacy. He used strong language in the blog entry as he did with his cult horror output as he got a following as high up as Huffington Weird.
slash fanfiction writer: did you read that horror story?
other fangirl: what one is that?
The Bara fanboy: Are you two talking about The Fandom Writer?
Slash fangirl: The fucker drew 43 reviews from torqued fan fiction writers.
All of them: oh shit he's borrowing from pundits as he's also a Conservative
fanfic lesbian: Shit he's the same writer who introduced an alleged true crime yarn in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe. This freaked out the community that was Goth Community on LiveJournal as he was noted for having his diary-x journal linked back as the maintainer.

Gossip blogger: I looked into the case, he wasn't making it up as the local newspaper the true crime yarn originated reported on it from 1993-1994. The insight he gave played into the articles themselves as the lines from Cabbie mirror the article. Though he hasn't seen it in years as he wrote this entirely from memory and cited the high school paper as they had a piece on the subjects.

Fandom_wank: let's troll this one and violate his copyrights. He's published and a public figure. We'll cite Encyclopedia Dramatica and ljdrama as our journalistic sources. In 2004 -- LiveJournal user fallofrain decided to take a shit on the story on a community called Marysues. It's safe to say the slash community was torqued.
by Illinoishorrorman February 10, 2018
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A LiveJournal community that riffs on fanfiction found on fanfiction.net that the characters in the fandom are a Mary Sue or Gary Stu as some blogtroll communities borrowed the terminology to troll my own outings. Noted community where it outlived it's maintainer. The title of the community is known as Bastion of Questionable Sanity as the last posting of it was in 2013 and riffing on The Hunger Games. Turned out the twat who zeroed in on The Fandom Writer is one of the fucking maintainers of the blogtroll magnet. The community is noted for having sister communities as they pat those who lift copyrighted established properties on the back; as I am sure if Brian Lumley sees a community like this he'd be royally pissed.
The LiveJournal Community known as MarySues in 2004, bit off more than they can chew when they zeroed in on two originals and trying to put them in fanfiction fandoms; The Fandom Writer was noted for torquing off the entire spectrum that's known as slash and femmeslash ala / fiction. They tried to put it in Jack T. Chick fanfiction though the story references a tract in the story as the main character drew an influence from the horror tropes that Chick tried too hard to invoke though not a genre savvy.

They were riffing on those who emerged in the genre fandom on Fanfiction.net as some became noticed in small press circles as IDW Publishing produced an authorized anthology under the supervision of the original creators and 20th Century Fox. The editor was noted to be a regular in the Web of Horror yahoogroup in the era of 2002 up to the folding of the group.
by Illinoishorrorman February 08, 2018
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Website that had a unique database from those who produce pieces from copyrighted properties illicit lit known in creative nonfiction circles though some from this circuit made the rounds in the small press. It's got some strange ones you have to admit as I sneaked Holden's Counterpart a creative nonfiction piece in the vein of Catcher in the Rye with The Twilight Zone influences. Then a shorter science fiction yarn a classmate from Glenbard East which was from the notes he sent me on the character via Deviantart. FanHistory noted this one as did Fanworks.org as it came from the classmate's character as I uploaded it to the site as my then computer was going to crash.

In the 2003-2004 era of this website you saw a rivalry between the writers who appeared on FictionPress.com as some of them have accounts on both places. A few on there are usually in grade school or high school, but sometimes you see a published author, publisher, or journalist emerge on the site as the fannish regulars would try to pull the argument, "Fan fiction is better than the original." As a comment on LJDrama invoked a heated argument that had some wolf ticket taunting on one end. 2005 you seen the first ushering of writers from the website become published in the independent circles though Fandom_Wank and their cohorts single them out on LiveJournal.
Those who emerged from the horror fandoms on this website, as the founder of the website was noted in genre fandom with The X-Files. The writer introduced on Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology also was seen in these circles in the mid-2000s. The publisher behind the namesakes and The Ethereal Gazette busted The Queen of Gargoyle Fanfiction when he uncovered both her fanfiction.net account (she was getting noticed for what E. L. James later did in the 2010s. As she often sniped at creative nonfiction writers who invaded the independent press as small press named for the debut science fiction story brought creative nonfiction into the fold.)

She was torqued when she found out the writer who became known for sniping on slash fanfiction was the very same writer who wrote The Cabbie Homicide in 2002. Just as she was noticed for a Gargoyles fanfic called "Baby Makes Three."

Summer of 2004 was the slash fanfiction writer's nightmare, The Fandom Writer as it was introduced on The House of Pain E-Zine, a cult horror magazine that had frightening horror stories. Quiet a few of the stories on the e-zine some teeth as each writer became publishers. Some of the Nightmare On Elm Street horror fandom was looking up some of The House of Pain authors from the 2003 era as she found "The Mechanics of Perversion" and "Baby Hunter" then almost left a puddle behind the keyboard. Then found some of the future Chimeraworld roster on the House of Pain E-Zine website.
by Illinoishorrorman February 01, 2018
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