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The quickest thing to piss of a Jello Eating Bunny aka Latter Day Saint is make a really degrading joke about their temple undergarments or call The Book of Mormon alternate history fanfiction of the King James Version of the Bible. Also imply that Joseph Smith was a womanizing con man who married his women to keep his sex life in check. They really hate when one attributes their doctrine to rodents copulating (as this one is a favorite barb.) There's my critic of religion status confirmed.
"I don't believe that my boxer briefs are magical, as in you mean to tell me you never cut a greasy fart in those magic underwear and leave a skidmark." My retort when I caught the webmaster mocking my most personal project as an editor as the cover was the second time I saw fan-art -- the artist was my breakout from Issue 3 and came to Issue Five as he was the cover artist for the first time.

My enraged comment came when I learned a blogtroll decided to send the cover to the webmaster as he took aim at it; I had seen very strong covers over the years as a lot of my own projects came from my photography output. His response after seeing the barrage of Magic Underwear Jokes combined with double homicide whamlines, "Hey, I’ve got an idea! How about we DON’T refer to other people’s religious beliefs in the most degrading way possible, and instead behave like civilized beings, not total dickwads, okay? It’s called “civilization.” You may have heard of it." The response was on par to Deva's "yer taking to care bears' retort on twitter.
by Illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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The infamous nickname given to the subject of The Infamy Raines after it was found out she had a connection to Treyvon Martin in 2012, she was fuming over the existence of the said article. The Glenbard East, Class of 1994 graduate became the face of Cancer Snub Scandal, as the nickname was given to her by Miami, Florida, film maker who saw a chilling connection. Another classmate unnamed mentioned a lot more Marquardt Middle School alumni were involved with a scandal equally as shocking as the adult scandal that was coined in the blogosphere.
I'm sure every school had that one like this. The character we call "Mandy The Scandal Princess" what was uncovered she was a forerunner of Encyclopedia Dramatica and it was a total nightmare. Those who want her for a piece, she's in public domain. This was the second time she didn't speak up when something happened.
by Illinoishorrorman January 28, 2019
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The kind of 'marriage' defined by Emperor Nero when he chopped off the parts of a male slave in Ancient Rome; this kind of marriage goes against fundamental biology as it's not possible for a male and another male to reproduce. It was coined by the light blue blog when he had the "marriage equality" issue forced down his throat. He not only argued against it on the level that Kirk Cameron did but also on a scientific level.
This is a term that falls on par to the remark of fag 'marriage' as this one takes it one step further, as the donut puncher engaging in the mockery when they had the pride flag raised in a way that mocks the Marines in World War II. You really want to piss them off, call it Marriage Blasphemy. The light blue blog has the entry known as "Nero defined marriage" as a King James Only Church had a cartoon of two men at the altar.
by Illinoishorrorman February 06, 2018
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A LiveJournal community that riffs on fanfiction found on fanfiction.net that the characters in the fandom are a Mary Sue or Gary Stu as some blogtroll communities borrowed the terminology to troll my own outings. Noted community where it outlived it's maintainer. The title of the community is known as Bastion of Questionable Sanity as the last posting of it was in 2013 and riffing on The Hunger Games. Turned out the twat who zeroed in on The Fandom Writer is one of the fucking maintainers of the blogtroll magnet. The community is noted for having sister communities as they pat those who lift copyrighted established properties on the back; as I am sure if Brian Lumley sees a community like this he'd be royally pissed.
The LiveJournal Community known as MarySues in 2004, bit off more than they can chew when they zeroed in on two originals and trying to put them in fanfiction fandoms; The Fandom Writer was noted for torquing off the entire spectrum that's known as slash and femmeslash ala / fiction. They tried to put it in Jack T. Chick fanfiction though the story references a tract in the story as the main character drew an influence from the horror tropes that Chick tried too hard to invoke though not a genre savvy.

They were riffing on those who emerged in the genre fandom on Fanfiction.net as some became noticed in small press circles as IDW Publishing produced an authorized anthology under the supervision of the original creators and 20th Century Fox. The editor was noted to be a regular in the Web of Horror yahoogroup in the era of 2002 up to the folding of the group.
by Illinoishorrorman February 07, 2018
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In small press publishing that's code:

No erotic content, but other than that NO HOLDS BARRED
The Ethereal Gazette was noted for it's STRICT house rules rivaling the mentality of the Duggar household but aspects that differ as he defined to another who was doing anthologies, another editor knew the rules he coined -- other publishing imprints know this as Prison City Rules. No erotic content but no holds barred. Rule out sexual content but time the swearing, go for subject matter that's ideologically sensitive and able to address social issues when pulling this off. The Issue Five roster embodied the Prison City Rules approach.
by Illinoishorrorman May 22, 2018
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Terminology that The Cabbie Homicide writer used when he addressed Gaahl when he was using the n-bomb and learned that the American Black Metal con man might had conned one of his relatives who was featured in Wall Street Journal. It's implied the language is stronger than double homicide taunting as this stems from the selling of wolf tickets. Some terms in prison language are slurs at particular gang members as it does employ Spanish terms, as each prison gang has their own terminology. Watch Lockup and you will pick up on it. Some of the terms are hard insults on Blood and the other their rival (as these two are gangs in Los Angles.) There are some prison slang born out of Iowa Department of Corrections as in they dragged one out of the sandbox. Then you have the term sliming which according to Lockup is when an inmate uses a combination of their own water and fecal matter mimicking behavior of other primates (see the behaviour of chimpanzees in captivity when being handed a banana.) I had heard classmates use the term gump on some other kids as we were not talking Forrest Gump as it's a prison term for donut-puncher.
Fandom Wank -- the psycho who laid into us in his book was using tons of intense hard language.

Another -- I never heard these terms before.

Fandom Wank -- some of who watched Oz might heard the term prison language. It's coded language where it combines profanity, ethnic language that's an insult, or implying one is a chomo.
by Illinoishorrorman January 19, 2018
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It's when you have a direct hit as when a blunt object is aimed for your soft bits.
What the hell was that? Fred Durst on the receiving end of a citrus fruit projectile nut shot.
by Illinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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