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See Globalist Shill and pseudojournalistic donut-puncher. Reality TV host with no journalistic training who like the writer of The Cabbie Homicide had got in the field and developed a form of journalism but the writer of Cabbie is the Conservative example. He had some college but learned from his roster where three wrote for newspapers and another later The Huffington Post before running for office in Maine as he established his current incarnation of wordpress and got on tumblr he gives in depth insight about publications he's done and takes the readers further into the published work by finding the articles from the era.
Anderson Cooper had been a hatedom to those in underground subcultures since picking on Dave Mustaine and William Patrick Corgan. When Corgan let Cooper have it with globalist shill the media had a field day with Anderson Cooper.
by illinoishorrorman January 16, 2018

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Hogwart's School Of Tabloid and Investigative Journalists -- that's the joke that applied based on J. K. Rowling literary creation as the joke was applied when someone took my high school photo from my senior year and doctored it to make me look like Harry Potter on Something Awful. Some factions in the industry when they saw me do a photo giving the finger they tried to do a rule 34 with the photograph and other gross shit. During the era An Eye In Shadows was playing out originally the Chicago Tribune reported on a Gym teacher who was arrested for pulling a Jared Fogle with a 16 year old female student.

Glenbard East became the setting of the Gothic Real Person Fiction horror tale, Wandering In Darkness which became the story of the second namesake. A House of Pain alumni joined the second namesake as an alumni was part of the first one. In the mid-1990s The Echo did a piece about witchcraft and paranormal discussions as students were making jokes about partying with ghosts in the commentary. The nickname "The Occult Glenbard" stuck from this. Discussions on MySpace.com in the 2006 era on the high school group about ghosts was one of the most popular threads invoked as the story from Withersin before it was published as it was being written became the starting point for the discussions.
You'd be surprised what emerged from the 1990s era of DuPage County -- if you read An Eye In Shadows and Wandering In Darkness one will see a much more diabolical look at the insight of the Glenbard consisting of glass, the high school known as Glenbard East. The Cabbie Homicide's guilty party was a class of 1994 as his classmate was in his seventh grade homeroom.

It had been the subject of controversy in the 2000s as a bomb threat, a Columbine style shooting, baseball team hazing (ie the urination on a student aka the Locker Room Urine Incident,) sex scandals and you name it. A regular Hogwarts School of Tabloid and Investigative Journalists when you realize they produced the writer of The Fandom Writer. The editor/publisher who became known for using Gothic.net's former editor's photograph for a urinal cake and uploading the aftermath.
by illinoishorrorman February 01, 2018

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This is the South African equal to the b-word in the states.
A woman who said, "we all plagiarize" on an article the called Pastoral Plagiarism: The Do's and Don'ts was confronted by an outraged An Eye In Shadows guilty party and said, 'no we don't. You don't even know how vile that is in your part of the world. SĂȘ dat ons almal plagiarize. Moenie eers probeer kry gepubliseerde jy onkundig piss-drink teef.." That is pretty vulgar in Afrikaans.
by illinoishorrorman July 27, 2018

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What's not covered in Chicago, usually when someone isn't bleeding profusely in the ER or critically ill. Usually when they come away unscathed from a car accident and able to walk away from a side swipe on Lake Shore Drive. Other than that it's not covered.

Florida -- it's the front page deal and a regular thing. But they ignore the incident that played up December 2017 and hate when poignant questions are very directed. Both cases are the human interest coverage. They talk about a message of inclusion but inclusion in Chicago is publication with ISBN related to Outreach.
I'm not going to be the bringer of Good News when I say this, but there was an investigation of what played up with Marquardt Middle School class of 1991 alumni and Glenbard North: Class of 1995. This case the term is Chicago's definition where the madman stays in Cook County Jail. That played up Christmas Eve 2018 and almost repeated the horror from Leslie Lane, New Years Eve 1992-1993, Cheryl Huff of Glendale Heights. The events not discussed in An Eye In Shadows but glazed over with The Cabbie Homicide.
by illinoishorrorman January 28, 2019

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This group -- they need to be defined right on here UrbanDictionary. They're an evangelical website which some of the barbs they take at other Evangelicals are extremely funny. Some are in on the joke others well FoxNews pointed out with TBN was too soon. The barbs they take at Piss Drinking Bastard are something theistic evolutionists find extremely researched, Thing That One Finds takes the research they did a bit further when doing barbs at Fucking Cartoon and Uneducated Huckster. The Independent Baptist sects are their worst nightmare as they pissed off the entire sect with a single tweet.
The collective of Jonathan Swifts at the site The Babylon Bee had a really funny tweet -- the 1611 Speak clearly were not pleased with what was on ebay as the memes that are known as "First World Problems" relates how the Apostle Paul never used a King James Version. So this one really was an elaborate barb at the churches "King James Only Examined" from the light blue wordpress blog also did -- an artist who is a pastor at Dorr Baptist Church liked this blog entry to Godzilla. He saw the blog entry and said, "I didn't realize the blog that pissed off the entire King James Only establishment was yours. Damn -- your entire roster is the one they're after. Especially the one who has a KJV verse on his blog and cites Ray Bradbury. " He pointed out that blog entry is as infamous as The Fandom Writer was to slash fanfiction types as Archive of our Own banned the notorious author for pointing out that real person slash are parasite.
by illinoishorrorman May 14, 2018

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A high profile member of Fandom_Wank that bit off more than she can chew when she engaged the writer of The Cabbie Homicide where he decided to really lay into her in his five year memoir. The other one from Fandom_Wank was stealing his published material for the Fandom Wank wiki. They though Anne Rice was fierce, the man behind The Fandom Writer equates Fandom_Wank as 'slash writing fags' and had called them pseudo-journalists as he found Mindset's workplace and her real name.
fandom_wank Mindset made her livejournal friends only because of the affair in 2006 where she took aim at the much harder hitting author as he made waves on The House of Pain as she reported on Anne Rice lashing back at shit-reviewers. The piece that took a harsh swipe at slash fanfiction writers. "You're a thief with a word processor." When she was located on Facebook.com in 2007 and confronted; that was the fuel the author needed to fire back in print.
by illinoishorrorman February 16, 2018

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The infamous nickname given to the subject of The Infamy Raines after it was found out she had a connection to Treyvon Martin in 2012, she was fuming over the existence of the said article. The Glenbard East, Class of 1994 graduate became the face of Cancer Snub Scandal, as the nickname was given to her by Miami, Florida, film maker who saw a chilling connection. Another classmate unnamed mentioned a lot more Marquardt Middle School alumni were involved with a scandal equally as shocking as the adult scandal that was coined in the blogosphere.
I'm sure every school had that one like this. The character we call "Mandy The Scandal Princess" what was uncovered she was a forerunner of Encyclopedia Dramatica and it was a total nightmare. Those who want her for a piece, she's in public domain. This was the second time she didn't speak up when something happened.
by illinoishorrorman January 28, 2019

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