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The coolest guy in school who fixes your tech stuff. He is around 26 years old, tall, likes country, and is as hot as fuck. All the other kids obsess over him because he is so hot.
Tech guy is soooooo hot!!!!!! ;0
by Idea Pigeon June 19, 2018
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A couple whom makes out in 7th grade with their friend walking in on them. The quickest moving relationship ever, besides for ur mom and chicken tendies, of course.
Jely is such a fast moving couple!
by Idea Pigeon June 19, 2018
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A tall, thin, charming male. They typically are highly intelligent. They can sometimes be annoying or even wierd, but are overall nice and funny. They are straight with above average. They often are creative and enthusiastic (AKA slightly hyper) and enjoy sports. They tend to have blue eyes.
"Youe see that cute boy over there?"

" Yeah. "

Girl 1: "What's his name?*
Girl 2: " Weston. "
Girl 3: "I thought so. He looks like a Weston.*
by Idea Pigeon November 28, 2018
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