3 definitions by Iain B

something gorrible or particularly disgusting, or maybe even just plain scaffy.
That grotty bitch just pissed all over the floor

He had such a grotty look on his face, that chinese take-away must have been quite scaffy.
by Iain B October 03, 2005
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Excitable, spirited (can sometimes mean irritable or easy to anger)

From the german 'fist' which means a small, agressive and lively dog
She's a feisty little godess

That feisty bitch just bit me
by Iain B September 25, 2005
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A cheap prostitute. The name implies that she will swallow everything, and will be turned on and off at will (or when you feel like it)
Lick it all up, you cheap sink!
by Iain B September 12, 2005
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